Let’s get to know the technical staff at IGW, starting with Michela

Hi Michela. Can I call you the telephone face of IGW?

Sure. IGW customers don’t know me in person; all they hear is my voice

What do you talk about on the phone?

Work, deliveries, any problems, payments and we even find time to chat

What kind of delivery?

Deliveries of by-products to supply biogas plants

What’s the most popular at the moment?

I’d say two-phase pomace

Why do you think our customers like it?

It has a good energy yield, we can supply it constantly, and we can manage peaks caused by the seasonal nature of the product. It’s easy to manage for our customers and let’s not forget the price

Energy yield?

I mean the expected production of biogas per ton of material; for two-phase pomace we have different chemical and methane-building potential tests and they all confirm expected production of between 65 and 70 cubic metres of methane – not biogas – per ton

Production is good, but the costs?

It currently costs about 23% less per ton compared to corn for the same energy yield, which at the end of the year translates as a gain for our customers.

What problems have there been?

Well, actual genuine problems don’t spring to mind. We have had some complaints from customers about the difficulty in unloading material or the difference in energy yield, but these have been managed and closed


Yes. We say closed because we have UNI standard certification for Quality Environment and Safety, which means that all complaints are recorded and analysed, the cause is sought and a solution is provided to the customer. The final stage, if accepted by the customer is when we close the complaint and file it, because in any case, we track everything so that we can continue to improve our services

Which areas of Italy do you serve?

Almost all of them, except for Sicily and Friuli, which is not down to a lack of customers, but if we find that the transport costs for by-products are too high and therefore, not cost effective, then we don’t offer them to customers.

We have two-stage pomace available in Friuli for the coming autumn and we are checking out permits in order to propose this byproduct

Checking permits?

Of course. We have registered a Manual to guarantee the traceability of by-products and in which we have included our operational method to guarantee compliance with current standards, to safeguard both customers and suppliers. This has also helped us to conform to the new decree 264/16 setting out the rules for definition of by-products

You’ve been at IGW since 2014. Any problems?

Well, the work we do is specific. In the beginning, I had to deal with the industry standards regulating this job and which I did not know, the by-products, Biogas plants…I had to start everything from the basics.

And now?

It’s better now. But I am not a technical engineer and some things still get past me, but I’ve been working hard and I have managed to overcome my initial difficulties. I’ve learned a lot over the last 3 years.

And with your colleagues?

We’re a young team that works well together, and our relationship with partners is excellent. Even if they are always in a rush, when I need them, they are there to lend a hand

And the company has grown

A lot, in terms of employees, turnover and satisfaction: ours, in being able to help more customers and to earn the trust that is placed in us. Compared to last year, we have more than doubled the amount of by-product sold, and increased the number of customers we serve, often thanks to word of mouth

Why should biogas plants call us?

Because our by-products are excellent! They have a great yield and the price is always weighted. And because we are a team of professionals who are doing their best to make sure customers are never left in difficulty. We follow our customers at all times because we want them to be happy with the work we do

One last thing: what would you like to ask IGW?

About company growth, well, to carry on like this, to be able to pass onto stage 2 of the Horizon project and then I would like to see a Biogas installation here at work: I know how it is made and how it works, but I have yet to see one.

And last but not least, I would like to meet and get to know some of our customers in person

Okay, one day I’ll take you out with me to visit some of our customers! Thank you for your time. I’ll leave you to get on, as your phone is already ringing

Yes, Thursdays I start checking customer requests for by-product supplies for the next week

Thank you and keep up the good work!