IGW s.r.l. is a young, dynamic company with its eyes firmly fixed on the future. A future that is focused on environmental resources, powered by the energy and enthusiasm of a management and team who are continually seeking out new energy solutions from renewable sources. Attention to assessing and making best use of by-products that can meet both the relevant applicable requirements and the needs of plants and installations is a strong point of IGW s.r.l., which offers itself as a focused partner in a continuously evolving context.

IGW s.r.l. works with young, experienced collaborators who are prepared but curious; people we invest in to create professionals who never stop learning.

The QSA integrated management system implemented in the company shows the focus on and commitment to continuing improvement for which the management is the first and primary inspirer and motivator, both in-house and with different stakeholders.

And what strikes me about IGW? In short: energy, belief in its mission, and the desire to interact with the world.

Stimulating…  for anyone who has the possibility to work with this company.