It is a by-product and not a waste if the conditions referred to in point 3.3 of the “Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament on the Interpretative Communication on waste and by-products - COM/2007/0059” are met.

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The first rule for sustainable food production consists in fully exploiting the resources in all their components.

By-products are organic matrices that derive mainly from the processing of primary products.

We select, assess and propose for energy valorization by-products based on the provisions of European and national regulations, as well as in compliance with our "Guidelines on Traceability of By-products for Energy Use - Rev. 3 dated 26/03/2018" to ensure to all players in the supply chain, not only legislative compliance, but also the correct management of every technical-commercial aspect, and the resolution of complaints and non-conformities.
The quality of the by-product directly affects the production of Biogas; not all the by-products are the same and have different energy yields and treatment methods.
To learn more about the different types of by-products and to understand which one is most suitable for your system, consult the relative pages below.

We can divide the By-products into two categories:


Vegetable by-products


Animal By-products