We accompany our clients through all the project stages, especially when - during the planning stages - you need to estimate the efficiency of Biogas-producing plants (electricity generation and/or Biomethane upgrading system) while also applying construction standards, in order to improve not just upon the plants’ functionalities but also the return on investment (ROI).

Our first action is to design the plant, verifying the technical-financial feasibility of the investment. We then move to authorisation requests and the preliminary and executive designs, before finally directing the works and providing technical and administrative assistance while they are being managed.

IGW also provides the necessary assistance for applying for the biofuels sustainability certification. We assist throughout the production process, in order to verify all its stages and calculate (on the basis of the relevant technical regulations) greenhouse gas emissions savings (expressed as CO2 equivalent).

Areas of intervention

  • Due Diligence
  • Verification and optimization of power plans
  • Plant construction authorization
  • Substantial changes to authorizations
  • HAZOP Analysis
  • Mass Balance
  • Procurement assistance
  • Evaluation, management and enhancement of residues from agri-food production
  • GHG calculation

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