The vegetable biomass we use for energy enhancement are:

  • Biomass y-products of tomato processing (peels, fruit outside the measuring range, etc.)
  • Biomass of olive processing (olive residues, vegetation water)
  • Biomass of grape processing (pomace, grape stalk, etc.)
  • Biomass of fruit processing (storage and selection, peeling, fruit cores, citrus pulp, pear and apple pulp, peaches, pits, shells, etc.)
  • Biomass of vegetable processing (storage and selection, peeling, packaging, etc.)
  • Biomass of sugar beet processing (stillages; molasses; dried beet pulp, fresh suppressate, ensiled suppressate etc.)
  • Biomass derived from the processing/selection of brown rice (middlings, chaff, husk, etc.)
  • Biomass of cereal processing (middlings, flour, bran, rye middlings, gluten, starch, broken seeds, rice starch and rice proteins in aqueous solution from first processing of cereals and rice, etc.)
  • Biomass of oilseed processing (maize germ panels, flax, grape seed, etc.)

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